Though flat roofs have a few design limitations, the flexibility offered by them is indeed noteworthy. Get it installed by experienced roofers and you don’t have to worry about those leaks and repairs. A unique feature of flat roofs is that they are not completely flat (though their name suggests so). The slightly slanting roof pitch allows excess water to drain easily.

You can easily increase its reliability by choosing the right material. Instead of opting for the traditional hot-mopped built-up roofing, enhance your knowledge about the various roofing materials available and choosing the ideal one for your home will become easier. Get in touch with an experienced roofer who will not only let you know about the common flat roof materials but also has a wealth of experience in providing roofing service in Horsham and West Sussex.

Common Flat Roof Materials Suggested By Flat Roofers In West Sussex

  • Single Layer Membrane Roof

The single-layer membrane roof is widely used in commercial construction as it is made using the latest roofing technology. They are also known as plastomeric or elastomeric roof membrane and are offered in different materials like ethylene propylene diene monomer, polychloroprene, chlorinated polyethylene and chlorosulfonated polyethylene sheets, ethylene propylene diene monomer, polymer-modified bitumen and polyvinyl chloride. The EPDM rubber roof is widely preferred by homeowners looking for roofing service in Worthing for their residential or commercial property.

  • Modified Bitumen Roofing

The proven technology of BUR or built-up roofing was used to make modified bitumen cap roofing. The primary benefit of opting for this flat roof material is that you can install it using various techniques depending on the specific requirements of your project. Few common installation methods are torch applied, cold applied, hot-applied and self-adhered. The polymer in the cap sheet improves the flexibility and elasticity of the roof in lower temperatures. Either hot asphalt tar or cold adhesives are used to install the SBS cap sheets. The torch-applied method is used to install the thermoplastic APP sheets.

  • Built-Up Roofing

BUR or built-up roof is a traditional flat roof variety which helped in preventing the low pitch roof problem for years. In fact, this is one of the issues which can’t be prevented by using asphalt shingles. Numerous layers of a special type of roofing are used to install built-up roofs. This roofing is asphalt impregnated and a hot mop is used to apply the bitumen embedded in it. A monolithic roof membrane is created when the coal tar pitch or hot-applied asphalt merges with the bitumen soaked roof.

Choose The Right Roofer

You can reap the benefits offered by the flat roof materials stated above only if you get the structure installed by an experienced flat roofer in West Sussex. They should have decades of experience in the industry and capable of carrying out roofing work to the highest standards. The qualified workmen should have prior experience in undertaking traditional and modern roofing projects and complete every project with ultimate precision. With the right roofer by your side, you can stay assured of making a wise investment.