Do you wish to have a house which stands out from the other properties in the neighbourhood? Are you thinking of installing a new roof or replacing your existing one? Getting a high-quality roof from a skilled flat roofer in West Sussex can be your most informed home improvement decision. Wondering why you should choose flat roofs over other varieties? Read on.

The flat roof is immensely popular among homeowners who wish to have a modern, cool home. Getting a flat roof installed can bring many advantages to your residence. Flat roofs help to free up internal space and are often pitched roof options which require fewer materials to cover the same roof span. What’s more, reliable roofers can even guide and give you ideas about the ideal roofing option for your house.

Still perplexed what makes flat roofing the ideal choice for all? Read on to learn everything you need to know about flat roofs.

Why Use Flat Roofs?

The many advantages of choosing a flat roof design are-

  • Frees up the internal space
  • Immeasurable flexibility
  • Help keep the temperature inside stable
  • Cheaper to construct than pitched roofs
  • Allows you to plan interesting shapes beneath flat roofs without having to worry  about the roof being held up

How To Build A Flat Roof?

When constructing a flat roof, there are three main types of roofing systems you can choose from. These choices are-

  • Warm roof

The cheapest and simplest flat roofing solution is to get a warm roof constructed. The roof’s deck is always warm due to the placement of the insulation above the deck. Used mostly for privately owned properties and residences, this kind of roof requires no ventilation. All you need to do is approach specialists who provide professional roofing service in Worthing.

  • Cold roof

Cold roof puts the insulation amid rafters, under the ply roof covering. Though it’s the standard method used on flat-roofed extensions, it is hardly ever used for new builds nowadays. Generally, warm roofs are more preferable from the construction angle. However, it isn’t always suitable from the planning perspective since it leads to a higher roof profile.

What Are The Types Of Flat Roofs?

  • Single layer membrane roof

The latest in roofing technology, the membrane roof is even the roof of choice not only is residential construction but also commercial construction. Technically known as an elastomeric or elastomeric roof membrane, single ply roofs come in different varieties. 

  • Modified bitumen roof

Modified bitumen cap sheet roofs were developed as the replacement technology of BUR in the 1960s. Not only was this developed by using BUR’s proven technology, but also by including polymer reinforced cap sheets or roof wear layers. The polymer used in the cap sheet offers better flexibility and improved elasticity in lower temperatures.

  • Built up roof

For ages, built up roofs have eradicated the problem of low-pitch roofs, a challenge which even asphalt shingles couldn’t handle. These roofs are constructed and installed by using several layers of a special kind of roofing felt.

So what are you still here for? Approach the best flat roofer in West Sussex and get the perfect roofing solution for your home!