A roofing contractor can be hired for multiple purposes. They work for both commercial and residential buildings. Their expertise helps the property owners to obtain strong, stylish and durable roofs for their properties. Be it roofing installation or roof repair – these experts will always provide you with the most accurate and affordable services.

Works a Roofing Contractor Perform for You

Roof Installation

This is probably the most popular job the roofing contractors perform for their clients. Whether it is a flat roof or roof tiles; they can install the new ones at your building to give it the right shed it deserves. These experts work with both concrete tiles and clay roof tiles to match the requirements of their clients. The experienced roofers always use the best materials to provide you with a long-lasting roofing solution.


If you wish to get a stylish and alluring tiling for your house, then the synthetic slate roof is a nice option for you. This is a modern look that improves the aesthetics of the house to a great extent. The experienced roofers can install the synthetic slate roofs at your building to give it a new look. Safety and durability are the two strongest points of slating.

Flat Roofing

Flat roofing is one of the most common types of work that every roofing expert offers to its clients. If not installed properly, flat roofs can be damaged easily. This is the reason; the experienced flat roofing contractors always install the flat roofs with proper safety and care. A flat roof can increase the beauty of your house, and the roof can be used for multiple purposes in future too.

Cladding for the Roof

After roof installation, you should take good care of the same to enhance its lifespan. Hardie Plank cladding is used all over the UK to protect and enhance the beauty of the roofs. This is a kind of cement fibre plank which can withstand extreme weather conditions, and they are maintenance-free. There is a wide range of style and colour of this plank available in the market. Your roofing contractor will choose the one as per your budget and need.

Roof Repairs

After installation, you need to take proper care of the roof to ensure its durability. However, even after taking all sorts of precautions, roofs get damaged due to several reasons. You need to hire the experts for roof repair. The skilled and experienced team will find out the root of the problem and then fix it as soon as possible. They are right here to give your roof a new life.

An experienced, certified, and the insured roofing contractor will offer you a range of services. You have to pick the one you need. They have special skill and training to work in hostile conditions.

High & Dry Roofing is one such name in this roofing industry in West Sussex. We have been serving the local clients for several years. Our wide range of roofing solutions will enhance the life of your roofs. Please get in touch with us for more information.