Every type of installation work done at height has some inherent dangers associated with it. In fact, repairing, cleaning, construction or installation of roofs is considered to be one of the most hazardous jobs. If you want to prevent injury caused by falling while installing flat roofs, there are a few rules you have to follow.

Preventing accidents becomes easy when you are aware of all the common dangers to avoid when installing flat roofs and follow all the safety procedures. The first thing you need to do is hire experienced professionals offering roof installation. They are aware of the various issues which might crop up when installing them and can deal with those.

6 Common Dangers To Avoid When Installing Flat Roofs

  • Falling from the edge of the roof or from ladders. Openings on the roof are also considered to be weak spots.
  • Pieces of weak metal plates, windows, skylights or painted lights can become hazards when stepped on accidentally.
  • If an open hole in the roof is without guardrails and handrails or the access openings are not properly marked.
  • There are numerous weak spots in the roof which can make the structure collapse if excessive weight is put on it.
  • Extreme temperature or direct sunlight has weakened the structure.
  • There are numerous dangling or overhead electrical wires and moving ladders in the area.

8 Safety Tips To Follow When Installing A Flat Roof

  • Everyone installing a flat roof should undergo the necessary safety training.
  • Supervision, training and communication are the three vital tools which can ensure the safety of flat roofers.
  • Safety precautions, procedures and instructions should be followed at all times as even a minor error can lead to death.
  • Roofers should always wear appropriate safety gear and safety harness when installing a flat roof.
  • Their shoes should be rubber-soled as they offer better traction, grip and protection.
  • Baggy or loose-fitting clothes should be avoided as they can catch protruding objects and make roofers stumble.
  • Every roofer in Worthing should take frequent breaks and stay hydrated as dehydration and dizziness can make them fall from the roof.
  • The site should be prepared before the installation work starts and cleaned after the job has been completed.

These being said, it’s time you follow all the safety tips stated above when installing flat roofs and reap all the benefits offered by it.